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Frog Wrangling

JUNE 11, 2012
A while back, I too had some business to conduct with Jim Burke who is the creative director behind Dellas Graphics Frogfolio calendar for 2013. He is also the chair behind the new lively illustration program at the New Hampshire Institute of Art. Thank you very much Jim!
It was daunting to be included with many famous and noteworthy frog wranglers such as Bill Mayer, Tim O'Brien and Marcos Chin. I suspect it was my frog-wrangling skills rather than my illustration abilities that appealed to Jim. Nevertheless, I created this painting/collage what-have-you. Since this diversion was all just for fun and no money changed hands, I worried and perseverated and overworked it as much as possible.
You can see one of my sketches to the left here. I think it all worked out for the best. Inter-species love affairs have their logistical problems (at the very least).
Muddled media: collage, ink, crayon, charcoal, colored pencil, acrylic, watercolor on some indifferent heavy laid paper.
the edge of some spiral bound paper gets used as balusters in the architectural detailing.
I'm still learning to keep commissioned work as fresh as my personal work. I'm getting there slowly as work in this style and market (children's books) gets traction.
This garden is near my house. It's the Hunnewell Pinetum on Lake Waban at Wellesley College. I did this drawings last summer.
a conté drawing of a real bullfrog. Pucker up ladies!
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