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Bird Brain

AUGUST 11, 2012
detail: flying mallard (pen & ink)
I'm drawing birds a lot this summer (no real surprise there). Most of it is for my own enjoyment but it goes hand in glove with a few picture book commissions I'm in the midst of or just beginning. The books both involve birds. Once I'm further along with these projects, I'll see if it's okay to blog about the process. So in the meantime, some birds for you…
Near my house in South Natick, mallards at the dam on the Charles River. (ballpoint pen and drybrush ink)
a doodle
"The Telescope" –another doodle (mixed media: collage, ink, watercolor, acrylic)
sketch (pencil. digital color) for a children's book I'm painting for Schwartz & Wade/Random House. Due out next year.
odds and ends while watching the Olympics.