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Some Assembly Required

OCTOBER 14, 2012
09-15-12b (pencil, watercolor)
Here is a fraction of the bird-oriented flotsam and jetsam from the art faucet in the last month or so. All this personal work done rapidly in the wee hours of the morning for the most part. Occasionally, I package up a few and send them to the fine and easily-entertained  people at the New Yorker.
Commissioned work in the last few months include a few editorial assignments and final paintings for a picture book (I've included some details at the end of this post). This shipment clears the decks to jump on new sketches for the next book. Surprise! It's all about birds. Sketches due Dec. 15th.
From the Whatever File: I start training this week to guide blind and disabled people around the Museum of Fine Arts. How might you help a motivated and visually impaired person to enjoy a painting? I'm not sure myself but I'm looking forward to it. Seems like a good thing to do.
Thanks for reading.
09-01-12c (collage, watercolor, pencil)
08-28-12e (charcoal, colored pencil)
I found this little fellow fluttering around my studio. I'm not sure if he was an escapee or a migrant. At least here, he has plenty of company!
09-18-12a (watercolor, ink, collage, crayon)
09-22-12b (colored pencil, ink)
doodles from the pew during the sermon
08-27-12a (collage, watercolor, ink, crayon)
10-10-12a (watercolor, charcoal, colored pencil)
details from the recently completed picture book illustrations.
all watercolor and mixed media with a few digital touches.