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Old Haunts

NOVEMBER 10, 2014
I was in Chicago recently for a high school reunion. Some of the attendees I hadn't seen in 30-40 years. The same goes for the Art: I'd taken a few classes at the Art Institute of Chicgo when I was  a teenager --so much has changed! Still, I visited a few old favorites (Impressionists, Manet, Cornell, The Hairy Who folks, Ferdinand Hödler, Seurat, so many images and objects have flowed through my neurons!) and pondered the journey so far. It's a great museum.
Matisse "Woman Before an Aquarium", 1921–23
Torbach "The Music Lesson" 1670 (detail)
George Muk: Saleratus Jart (bird design), 1848, Maryland
George Muk jar (detail)
Wilhelm Schimmel carved wooden eagle, 1865/90, Pennsylvania
When I got back to Boston life was just a little topsy-turvy, emotional messes here and there, a death of a friend. The sketchbook has always been my therapist (for better or worse)
10-22-14 (colored pencil, paint stick)
10-24-14 (ink, charcoal)
a Great Blue Heron 10-24-14 (ink)
Things started to look up 10-25-14 , mixed media
All those owls are for a new book I'm sketching out. And they are sliding over and crashing into paintings for a new picture book. I've been posting teaser images, work in progress over at facebook.
Almost done with that and it's gonna be great! But I can't wait to really sink my teeth into the owl book.
Bonne journée!