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DECEMBER 4, 2014
A small commission from Bernadette Dashiel of the New York Times last week let me dust off my editorial skills a little. Maybe some of you got the call and turned it down? The job was a breeze and fun to do. These days, I do personal work mostly and I'm working on several children's books. …I wonder how one chapter ("editorial illustrator") ends and the next one ("children's book illustrator") reveals itself. It's all a continuum of course.
The Times article was for a tech lifestyle section called "Disruptions" and it was about high-profile companies like facebook and Uber's questionable and even amoral behavior. This, despite their public stances of "doing no evil."
I first did a few sketches in pencil and ink and they were tepid. I slept on it and at 5:00 the next morning when I was more focused, I created a bunch of drawings in watercolor detailing the antics of the blue tech guy and a randy red devil. I received feedback later in the day and a suggestion to show more of a "partnership" aspect in the tech-guy/devil relationship. Bing-bang: send in a few more sketches and later, approval of # 9.
They wanted my digital style so that's what they got the following morning. It ran on Thanksgiving day. 
ABOVE: first round of sketches: watercolor & ink. Submitted as a multi-page pdf.
ABOVE: a second round of sketches.
ABOVE: The sketch they liked.
Bernadette wanted my digital style so the final was done in a Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. I think the sketch is so much better!
In 1974, my older sister unwittingly gave me "Milton Glaser: Graphic Design" as a birthday present. I loved art but had no ideas, let alone ambitions, to be an illustrator or designer. But over the years of art schools, part-time jobs and countless trips to art museums, this book became as well-traveled as I was. I still refer to it subconsciously…as my sketches above might attest. The expressive ink silhouettes by Milton Glaser are another example of his elegant, witty and humane approach to Art. And that too is an inspiration.
Topical: Editorial