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DECEMBER 27, 2006
this is the cover of a French edition. Drawn & Quarterly has issued the English translation.
I've just finished reading "Bardín, The Superrealiste" by the Spanish cartoonist Max (9th Art profile) and I'd like to recommend it to all. Max works in a luminous clear-line style that has been compared to Chris Ware and Herge. His voice is totally his own and Bardín ranges from oblique and esoteric to swashbuckling, swordfighting straight ahead comic book violence. The pacing is fabulous in the final section of the book.

Bardín is an everyman sort of nebbish who tangles with reality and sur-reality in pithy, comical , heroic and down-to-earth ways. Max (his actual name is Francesc Capdevila Gisbert) is a well-established Catalan cartoonist whose work has evolved over the years from the severe punk inflected "Peter Pank" to forays into children's book and editorial ilustration.

Another review of "Bardín The Supperrealiste"

 Every few months I get a catalogue from Fantagraphics and I want EVERYTHING. So, I usually buy nothing and am content to warm myself with the fantasy that someday I might incorporate the wit, freedom and draftsmanship I see in every comic offering.