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Norman Rockwell

FEBRUARY 3, 2007
Norman Rockwell at the drawing board. Photo from the Norman Rockwell Museum website.
Today is the birthday of Norman Rockwell. What ya gonna do about it?!  Here's my birthday blurb:

"I don't think about Norman Rockwell too much but I have to conclude that he is a guilty pleasure for me. In some respects his illustrations were (and continue to be) at the center of various debates in American culture that began in the 1960's. Rockwell was a very complex individual who was in the center of a contradiction-laden web of evolving American cultural assumptions. He represents and embodies the contradictions like a character in a drama. Artists of all persuasions will appreciate Norman Rockwell's draftsmanship, composition, painting ability and, especially, his work ethic. We may be jealous, annoyed or frustrated with his legacy and the effect it has on framing broad conversations on Illustration, but he embodies a heroic stance that the art of Illustration may one day regain."

The Norman Rockwell Museum

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