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MARCH 22, 2007
ink, gouache
I painted this "snowman" in my little sketchbook this morning. Big deal. I'm on the last pages of it and had a stubby stencil brush and a bowl of ink to use up. Scrub a dub.

Please scroll down. It gets better.
some scribbles and about five different filters later, my guy has a personality.
Added a face  in Photoshop. Isn't it crazy, the hoops we jump through and the money that is spent on computing a few scribbles? I could send a man to the moon with the computing power I have at my disposal!

I remember, as a kid, "Drawing The Lepechaun" (or the deer / lumberjack, etc.) that as soon as I got the eyes in something magical would happen. Olaf calls this the "dot of Life". So true! So now I stick faces on all sorts of things.
Added a little contrasting color to make it pop a little. So nonchalant. Accidental textures. Just a couple grand of silicon humming warmly will do the trick!
And finally, le piece de resistance de procrastination: Blending modes! Yay Photoshop! Let your inner printmaker out. Now, I'd better get to work!