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Flickr mashups

MARCH 25, 2007
Continuing on the "Procrastination Theme", I've discovered Flickr mashups. The set of images that spells the name of our beloved blog have been retrieved from various flickr sets. It's fun. Go here to play with it.

Mashups: I guess we all have a basic working definition of what a mashup is. Kind of a random, collage that happens based on some minimal searching criteria entered through a variety of means or interfaces (computer, flipping through a book, scattering things and seeing the result, etc.). Flickr is a powerful and popular web-based image-sharing technology. Programmers have created various ways of creating mashups with existing flickr image sets.

It can get the creative juices flowing and we all know how important that is!

retrievr lets you draw a little picture (or upload one) and it will search from flickr sets that share attributes with your search image.
This is the "Squared Circle Experimental Colr Pickr"
Jim Bumgardner's Colr Pickr is pretty cool. It uses a standard color picker to get started.