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Good client

APRIL 5, 2007
The final illustration. Created in Freehand. Textures made in Photoshop, exported as 1-bit TIFFs to Freehand and color dropped in.
Here are some sketches and finishes for a recent illo for PLANSPONSOR Magazine. SooJin Buzelli, A.D.
The sketches came easily. Looks a bit familiar eh, Edel?
For a story about a widow who applied to receive her deceased husband's benefits and discovered that someone claiming to be the man's wife was already getting them.
About a guy who complains that he never heard about something and has to be reminded to check his mail. Silly.
The approved sketch. This story was about a stockbroker who meets a co-worker and client early in the morning. The co-worker thanks him for good advice not yet realizing that overnight, the Dow has taken a 400+ point downward "correction"!
I did several color drafts for the final. Total fun!
I like this one a lot because of the dotted strokes on the figures. Made with a custom brush (Freehand MX).
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