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Seeing Green

APRIL 27, 2007
"Northwoods" for AMC Outdoors Magazine. Ed Winchester, editor/creative director. Artwork was created in Freehand MX and Photoshop. The earth image is from NASA.
Here's a recent illustration concerning "green" businesses. The editor wanted a "vibe" rather than specific illustration of things in the text. Perfect! This is an editorial client who I've worked with for about a decade. The staff has changed a lot over the years and the budgets are low but I've had a lot of freedom and I like the subject matter (environment, nature and recreation).
My sketch process: I feel tremendous tension between working for myself in my sketchbook and sketching for clients. The pre-meditated art just seems flat and forced. So I tried to sketch in manner that was as close as possible to what I'd do on my own. It's not perfect but I'm evolving along a pretty good trajectory I think.
the approved sketch
two more sketches
I wasn't sure how literal the editor was going to be. I'd did a few sketches that were less-decorative and a bit more conceptual. I'm glad they chose the decorative one!
This magazine generally uses photography but they had space for a full page image and nothing was working so they went with an illustrative solution.
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