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My Mom the nun!?

MAY 13, 2007
Margaret Kiburtz Dunlavey
Luckily, my mother only portrayed a nun in Frances Polenc's opera "Dialogues of the Carmelites".  I have no idea what year but based on this publicty photo it must have been around 1932 or so.
She was a promising contralto and started getting gigs in churches and other places. At some point she fell in love with my father (he accompanied her on the piano) and they started a whole new adventure and the singing went into hibernation. After having eight kids and homesteading on a farm in what would soon become the suburban sprawl around Chicago, she started back to college to earn a music teaching degree. She died when I was ten years old so I didn't know her that well. I miss her a lot. Happy Mother's Day Mom!
(I have a stepmother and she is "Mom" too! --a fabulous and brave human being)