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Arp's Bicycle

JUNE 26, 2007
Hans Arp was known for incorporating quirky organic shapes into his artwork. The funky white-ish cloud shape was left over from my daughter's art experiments and I knew I could put it to use as a stencil.
Who here has an Epson printer? Just about everyone. I'm mostly satisfied with mine but it has a nasty habit of thinking its cartridges are out of ink when they aren't. Can you relate? Well, don't toss those half-spent cartridges away because they have lots of ink inside and ink means: Art Supplies!
The cyan blobs in this picture are what squirted out of the cartridge when I peeled off the forbidden stickers.  Very messy stuff that soaked through about five pages of the sketchbook and behaves strangely with the cheap paper. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Accidents like these are like moguls to a skier: go with the flow and get in a rhythm. Maybe you'll transcend what you thought were your limitations!
Topical: Just thinking