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SEPTEMBER 20, 2007
left: Sad bunny with a droopy ponytail (Ellen) right: Mad schmoo (Rob)
Last night, Ellen and I played the Doodly-doo game. You probably have another name for it but basically, both players start out with a small sheet of paper with identical markings on them. In this case, we used a red sharpie. Then we both do our own drawings and compare the results. Good clean fun.
left: Elephant brain (Ellen's alter ego is an elephant) right: Tuba player (Rob)
left: seascape (Ellen) right: pirate (Rob)
left: "Hello my name is Kiko" (Ellen) right: Dorky ducks (Rob)
left: Computer table (Ellen) right: Mona Lisa (Rob)
left: Flying a kite (Ellen) right: different things that make smoke (Rob)
left: ghost! (Ellen) right: astronomer (Rob)
left: snake with detachable triangular ears (Ellen) right: cat with trumpet playing bird on tail (Rob)
We had a good time!
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