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Snow Day!

JANUARY 14, 2008
Nor'easter: Wet, heavy fine-grained snow. Not too cold. Gusty winds. Breaking tree branches.
My commute's over and I'm hard at work defacing innocent sheets of blank paper.
The last snowstorm we had in Boston was a seriously major event. It happened to coincide with the one day of the season that I needed to commute to and from the Art Institute of Boston for senior illustration/animation portfolios jury duty. It took 5 1/2 hours to get home (usually it would take 45 minutes). But we're hardy folks up this way so I was  still a little surprised when the automated call came last night at 7:00 pm that schools would be closed today because a nor'easter carrying 6-12 inches of snow was scheduled to arrive right as the morning commute gets in full swing.
These photos are proof that the weather persons have got things pretty well figured out. Now I just have to get my kids away from YouTube and out building some serious snowmen.
doodles and collage happening
Last week I commuted to New York. Instead of snow, it rained and thundered (in January!) In between and amid the downpours and puddle-dodging on  Lexington Avenue, I was glad that it wasn't snow! By the time of my meeting with the art director at a big children's book publisher the sun had come out.

I also saw a Piranesi exhibit at the Cooper-Hewitt and the marvelous anti-war show at the Society of Illustrators. May favorites in the Illustration show? Too many but Serge Bloch, David Gothard, Scott Bakal, Istvan Banyai, Guy Billout, Barry Blitt, Seymour Chwast, Randy Enos, Mirko Ilic, Francis Jetter, Peter Kuper, Jeffrey Smith, and Ed Sorel stood out for me. All the artists seemed to be inspired to create original and heartfelt images in direct response to the summons.