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Geometric People

MAY 25, 2006
The geometric figuration thing for me kind of begins with this guy from last summer. I call him "The Iron Fireman". They are quick to do, one or two colors, explore positive-negative space, poster-like, could be stencilled…
For lack of a better term, Geometric People:
I'm trying to make sense of this theme of mine. Maybe a Drawger gallery and some constructive feedback from some of you folks will help propel the series along to a satisfying new place. Here's a link to the images.

There are a lot of influences to be sure (let me know who/what I've left out!):
Mike Bartalos, GREEK POTTERY, Meso-American pottery/gold/textiles, Terry Allen, John Hersey, M.C. Escher, J. Otto Siebold, definitely Kuba cloth, naïve figurative quilt design (Harriet Powers), Jean Dubuffet, typography, those stacking toy block figures that I had as a kid… the list is endless. Maybe throw in a dash of Leo Espinosa to this short list.

So what are the priorites here?
1. figures are fun! stick a circle on a shape with a bump on it and you have a face:  "Kilroy was here". 2. action. I like the movement of things. This comes from the Greek vases and Kuba Cloth. 3. silhouettes are cool: that's the letterform stuff coming through. 4. simple bold humorous and kind of clunky. Definitely clunky!
This guy has one small problem…!
Is this inspired or what!?
The silhouettes can be containers for anything I guess. This space for rent.

Last summer I started working in a Canson "sketchbook"  which has different colored signatures in it. I thought I would just do these kind of designs in it (there are a bunch in the gallery (Geometric People).  I put it down after a few weeks , the colored paper kept throwing me off. The images were primarily about shapes and space and color was/is secondary. Kind of stupid to make these distinctions but it really tripped me up for a while. And, yes, I do have better things to think about!
Just one last image: Here's an example of the ones on colored paper. You know, I should go Bartalos all the way and just do this series as cut paper. Then I'll shoot myself. My  marker will read "Here lies a Michael Bartalos wannabe".
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