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Adam McCauley at Nahcotta

FEBRUARY 21, 2008
Nahcotta Gallery, located on Congress St. in Portsmouth, NH is part of a solid arts-led revival in the old seaport city north of Boston.
My family and I had the pleasure to view "The Enormous Tiny Art Show III" at Nahcotta Gallery in Portsmouth, NH on Monday this week.  Drawger's own Adam McCauley had a number of stunning jewel-like paintings that were my natural favorites.
Nahcotta features a carefully chosen blend of home furnishings and decorative objects that showcase an accessible yet strong design aesthetic. The inventory and constantly revolving art on the walls seems committed to bringing original art and design to the homes of urban pioneers and the burgeoning suburban art scenes.
Deb, the proprietor of Nahcotta shows her pleasure at being able to include Adam's work in the show. With 350+ paintings by approx. 45 artists to hang, no wonder she's smiling; the installation looked focused and uncrowded.
The Enormous Tiny Art Show is an interesting concept. All the work is original and small. Adam's paintings were  4 x 4 inches. This obviously helps make the art affordable and it can be acquired in an informal manner with an eye to decorating a home, rather than acquiring Art.

Some of the painters in the show appeared to have mass produced original work (with variations) and these objects had the slight feel of ceramic tiles or something you might find at an art fair --perhaps. Other stuff was very quirky and showed a narrative flair that invited lingering. Some were more about color and design. There was a lot of variety. I think this is an acceptable strategy to bring original art into peoples' homes and it broadens markets for fine artists, designers and illustrators.

Here's a link to Adam's own gallery of these smart paintings.

Below are some snaps I took of a few of Adam's painting (sorry for the inconsistent and inaccurate color calibration!!!!). Nice work Mr. McCauley!
"Franklin" by Adam McCauley (acrylic on panel)
"Shawnee" by Adam McCauley (acrylic on panel)
"Madeleine" by Adam McCauley (acrylic on panel)
"Pearle and Leif" by Adam McCauley (acrylic on panel)