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FEBRUARY 25, 2008
KRYPTONITE, as you probably know, is an imaginary substance that has a negative influence over Superman's  powers. You can read up about it over at Wikipedia if you want. Lots of people seem to really care about the stuff. I've always thought of it as green but apparently, fertile minds in the industries that have licenses with the Superman franchise have created many hues which probably have different effects on the hero from Metropolis. I've been to this town near Paducah, Kentucky across the Ohio River from Southern Illinois where I went to college. There is a museum (which I haven't visited) with a 35' painted bronze statue of Superman out front. It's looks stunning.

Kryptonite is also the name I've given to a series of abstract doodles of late. Here are some sketches and also a few vectorized adaptations.
02-08-08a (ink, colored pencil, watercolor)
02-09-08a (Somehow, my daughter who was sketching with me at the time, and I got to talking about optimal living environments for hamsters. We do not own a hamster.)
02-08-08a_new-weather (This is based on that sketch above)
Sometimes, the content or quality of speech can have a negative effect on anyone's well-being (not just Clark Kent!).
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