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Sketches - Finals 3

MAY 14, 2008
Jumping through hoops. It's what we do!
Some of you may know Tim Davin, the art director at Canadian Business Magazine in Toronto. We hadn't  worked together for a long time so it was a pleasant surprise to get his call a few weeks ago for a new assignment. The job involved about ten icons, several spots,  five or six 1/2 page illustrations and a full page image. I had to cram most of the job into a brief flurry of activity before a family trip. The plan would be to tie up any loose ends when I returned.
The magazine publishes an annual stock market rating called the I500. Previous illustrators for this job include Federico Jordan, Philip Anderson and Keith Negely. Big shoes to fill!
These were sketches for the Small Cap illustration.
The job was fun and challenging for the usual reasons:
- how to interpret staid business graphics in a new way?
- I got to draw animals (cows mostly)
- the art direction was precise, demanding and subtle (while working under the conceptual constraints of business, money, finance, and possibly a "male" aesthetic of sorts)
At first, I tried a narrative approach to a series of illustrations for the sections about Small, Mid and Large Cap Fund rankings. After a few tries we decided that "businessmen dealing somehow with variously sized bulls" would have to be the strategy. This is the "male aesthetic" I alluded to. No cute picture book concepts here!
the final illustration
The Mid-Cap illustration. The bull is bigger and pretty well tamed.
The Large Cap image. All were done digitally.
The intro illustration
Here are a few of the icons
icon for Best Growth funds
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