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Marius Watz

JUNE 21, 2006
"System C" gif animation of Java code drawing program by Marius Watz
I  first heard about the Norwegian designer/computer programmer/artist Marius Watz through a "New Talent" type of profile in PRINT Magazine about 5-6 years ago. His work intrigued me then and continues to inspire me. He creates electronic art for print and electronic display. Most of it is generated by various species of unique Java and other complicated programming.

His animated projections are frequently used for ambient light-shows for different festivals throughout Europe. Corporate clients appreciate the cool that having his work on hand provides.

The quality that I like the most in his work is that while being highly abstract, it grows, blossoms, and changes like natural phenomena. By using a few simple structural concepts and running them through some simple but dynamic routines, he creates mesmerizing forms.

Marius Watz website

I found this bio at http://www.cstem.it/artists_e.php:

"Marius Watz is an artist concerned with generative systems for creating visual form, still, animated or realtime. His signature is a brand of visual hedonism, marked by colourful organic shapes and a maximalist attitude. Most of his works deal with drawing machines implemented in software, live visuals for music or large-scale projections of plastic visual systems.

Watz discovered the computer at age 11 and immediately found his direction in life. At age 20 he defected from Computer Science studies to do graphics for raves, using his programming to create organic shapes in 2D and 3D. In parallel to creating his own work, Watz worked as a graphic designer for many years, probing the limits of design. He ran the studio Products of Play with Erik Johan Worsøe Eriksen before deciding to focus on his art practice."
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