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SEPTEMBER 22, 2008
I log into my colourlovers.com account every couple of weeks and wallow in color combinations. Here's a palette I just made this morning. I started out sampling colors from a jpeg of one of my paintings. I fiddled with a few of the colors in that image but the needs of the colors quickly asserted themselves and I fell into this muted primary thing that has hot little zing.
To the left are a few other palettes I've created. There's definitely a trend and consistency there. What does it reveal about my personality? With an infinite choice of color I still end up in similar waters.
Years ago, I bought a tweed jacket and my wardrobe (such as it is) still carries the scars. There were a few flecks of maroon in the tweed and as a result I have grays and maroons, dark reds and anything else that could reliably harmonize with it. This was back in the days when I wore ties on a fairly regular basis. Hard to believe, I know!
Anyway, back to colourlovers: Once you have an account you can create colors and palettes and then use the palettes in simplified patters if you want to waste more time.
This pattern and palette reminded of some of Seymour Chwast's work.
You have to just get over there yourself and let the bugs bite you. If so, you may want to check out a group started there that I call "ici". It's just a place to share color shop talk and inspiration. I'm hoping that eventually the membership gets skewed toward illustrators of the Drawger-ish persuasion,
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