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DECEMBER 9, 2008
Arjuna, the shadow puppet warrior keeps bemused watch over my little corner while paints and ideas pile up in drifts on the floor.
Things are getting cluttered in this place. In my head too no doubt. But like an old sweater or a comfortable habit, the clutter keeps the boat sailing ever onward.
I have my priorities all mapped out and nothing is ever lost or overlooked.
The uninitiated may lose their sense of perspective in this dark corner. To the right is a window into the land of illustration. To the left, a glimpse of art. They're pretty similar.
Here's that painting. I think it's another "Annunciation" given that this is the season for that sort of thing. The only difference is that Joseph is looking on and knows that he will always be the odd man out.
While I'm on a Biblical theme, here's a painting from my sketchbook today. I call it "The Rest on the Flight into Egypt". Joseph is still playing catch-up.
fun stuff!
Topical: Just thinking