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Doodle Duel #4

APRIL 14, 2009
This here thing is the starting image: Go get yer own and… DRAW!
Doodle Duel #4 is open for business. C'mon you whiners, get to work!
This Duel will close on Thursday April 16th

Doodle Duel is a friendly doodling diversion. Here's what you do:

1. Make a copy of the Challenge Image
2. Print it out if you want or do it on your computer.
3. Make a doodle that incorporates the lines that are presented on the Challenge. You can rotate your "paper" in any orientation. Use a different color than the Challenge.
4. Do this quickly. No masterpieces. Just quick 'n dirty playtime.
5. Rename and save your file. Upload to add yours to the show.
6. No cuss words, dirty pictures or portfolio padding allowed! These will be shown the door!

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