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Urban Sprawl

FEBRUARY 1, 2010
Last week (or was it the week before?) I received a package from France. The contents, when fussed over, checked-in and curated lay scattered all over the studio floor like so many Christmas mornings led by children hopped up on too many sugar plums. Like all binges though this one had its attendant hangover. So this weekend when the sun came out I finally tidied up a bit and my mood (...le vin, la cuisine, l'art, mes nouveaux amis, mon cœur ... quoi d'autre ai-je laisser à Paris?) started to lift too. And lo! A city had sprung up!

I showed these sculptures in Paris in December (some photos here). The presentation was a little less jumbled! To keep transportation costs low, I designed everything so it could fit in a box or two. It was NICE to be reunited with my little creations.
Many thanks to the staff of the American Library in Paris and other friends for many thoughtful favors.

More of this sort of thing is posted on my flickr site.