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Nor, Non

FEBRUARY 11, 2010
Nor-easter - Non'easter… (?)  the birds are singing and spring is in the air (sorry, I couldn't resist).
I hate looking at old news. Especially if it's my old news on my old blog page. One of these days, I'll sit down and actually write a pre-meditated thesis about something of some consequence or interest to the aspiring and professional illustrators who waste time here every day. Until then you just get a little laundry list, a little snippet, pretty typical blog-fair. You expected more??  Without further ado:
some birds I saw early this morning. Life imitating Art!
recent spread in my sketchbook. Juko the Golden Gorilla emerges on a moonlit night… he's hungry!
sketches of Greek funerary statuettes at the art museum. Isn't that fox something? The one in red is of an enthusiastic ape riding a donkey. The fellow with the hat reminds me of Lorenzo Mattotti's work.
More Corinthian/Greek stuff. I also saw the Luis Melendez exhibit and thought of Marc Burkhardt.
Re-using the backs of old postcards. Done while watching TV with the family. We don't have cable…
doodle done during church. At least this pair has something good to talk about!
Gotta shove off! Au revoir mes amis!