Rob Dunlavey
September 2011
L S Lowry
I just discovered L S Lowry today and you should too (that is if you live under a rock like I do and haven't yet). Charming. Melancholy. " A Sunday painter who painted everyday". From Manchester, England.
Man Lying on a Wall
Market Scene, Northern Town
The Cripples
The Terrace, Peel Park, Salford
View From the Window of the RTC, Salford
Laurence S. Lowry taking a break. Apparently, he was known for painting in these old suits and using the lapels (and other areas) to wipe his brushes.
Maurice Sendak interview
NPR's Terry Gross interview with Maurice Sendak yesterday.
photo © John Dugdale/HarperCollins Children's Book
The Bridge
"The Pleasant Street Bridge" Sept. 11, 2011 © Rob Dunlavey
I drew the Pleasant Street bridge again this morning. I've drawn it many times over the past two years. I'm sorry about the orange and red color of the drawing; it's just the pencil I used. It's a nice pencil and I was tired of using black or brown. It's not meant to be incendiary or lurid.
The river has been unseasonably high since hurricane season began.  However, like many of you, I was thinking about 9-11 this morning and I'm quite certain that our leaders have often put their own needs before the country's. It's understandable but not pardonable. Try to remember a little of the past ten years. Do a little play-by-play of the Then and Now and give it time to sink in. If I lived in Manhattan I might think differently but I find myself wondering if the cure is killing the patient.
Take a look at this. ["Weighing the wars: BU political science professor Neta Crawford counts up costs and consequences." The Boston Globe, Sept. 11, 2011] and this:  Costs of War website
Imagine what else we might do with that money …but I guess that's water under the bridge.

This posting is similar in tone to postings from my other blog: ROBSERVATIONS.
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