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Pointy People: cars

MAY 25, 2010
Things with wheels: better than the domestication of fire, wheat and beer!  What better way to get around in the Crystal,Cities and environs than in a jalopy, jitney or elaborate velocipede?

Finally! I've found a use for an artifact that has enchanted me for years. It's at the MFA in Boston. Among other things, the lid of the bowl shows a man smoking a pipe riding a bicycle with a few passengers aboard. He's no ordinary mortal though. And I do love that bike and that he's smoking. A good balance wouldn't you say?
Here's the id card text:

"On the lid, Esu-his book and pipe nearby-is depicted as a bicycle rider, a signature of Arowogun's work and a reference to the role divination continues to play in modern life." source

Diviner's Bowl (opon igedeu) African, Nigeria (Yoruba peoples)
Artist: Arowogun (Areogun) of Osi-Ilorin, Nigerian (Yoruba peoples), about 1880–1956 Height: 31.11 cm (12 1/4 in.) Diameter: 29.21 cm (11 1/2 in.) Wood, pigment traces

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in my early teens, I drew many dragsters, hot rods and souped up cars. It's fun to revisit them.
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