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Garance Doré

OCTOBER 27, 2010

I've surprisingly found a lot of pleasure in subscribing to and reading Garance Doré's blog over the last year. She is a fashion photographer and illustrator from Paris. For me however, her fashion illustration is beside the point. What matters to me is her attitude toward her discipline and herattitude toward her public. The photographs and observations of beautiful women (famous and not, all hard-working and resiliant) and her perceptive and gleeful descriptions of their clothing and clothing choices have a wonderful energy that is like a ray of sunshine. Hers is an example of a really excellent blog,
In this WONDERFUL entry she describes how she chose illustration as a career.
I wonder if anyone else has had a similar experience. Please leave a comment :)
(The following images are all from Garnace Doré's blog and are © 2010 Garance Doré)
Olivia Palermo by Garance Doré

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