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Playing with Bears

MARCH 29, 2011
Winter's over; time to wake up!

Just going for a little walk

The stars are brilliant

The amazing Aurora Borealis.

Hmmm… a city!

The welcoming committee!

Playing in a fountain!

What the…?

Inscrutable. He didn't respond. He just kept staring at that rock.

Some people are strange. It's still winter. Maybe when Spring rolls around, I'll come back and figure out why he just stared at that rock. That's it. You want more? These things take time!

Early one morning last weekend, the cat sleeps in my usual chair so I sit on the floor with my coffee and start cutting up old envelopes. I've been working with this bear lately. He's pretty reticent and it's difficult to get him to tell me what's going on and what's important --from a bear's point of view. I was able to take some pictures while he wandered around.
I'll keep working at it.
He wanders rather aimlessly; just following his nose. I bet once he figures out that Spring is here for good, he will jump for joy and life will assume its usual meaningful direction.