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Bird Brain

OCTOBER 11, 2011
I love looking at all kinds of art. And when I look at Art, I often draw it too. I'm like a vampire wanting some of the life of it coursing through me as I move and grow through my own modes of expression. And simply to SEE and possibly pay my respects.
Last Sunday, I was at the MFA in Boston where there is a nice exhibit of Colonial embroideries. These critters are from those 200-300 year old items. The designs are so charming and the animals have quite a pedigree: they originated in India and got recycled through the British trade in Indian fabrics. The designs were then were copied by the British fabric mills and sent abroad. The birds (and flowers and beasts) migrated over to the American Colonies where they became projects to keep the young'uns out of trouble and down on the farm.
And I borrowed a few to put on this pretty lame bird house. I wonder where else they will turn up?
Don't you like his purple toenail polish?
A handsome fellow…
Poor bird! This study is of a White-Throated Sparrow that was hit by a car. I have birds on my brain as I am currently working on a children's book about a sparrow and a flower.