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APRIL 16, 2012
In a jungle of tweeting birds, how will you stand out?
A vector illustration created for Nancy Duckworth at California Real Estate Magazine. With so many people tweeting, how can you create a valuable & unique brand or find other useful twitter feeds to connect with? Does this keep you up at night??
detail: textures are 1-bit tiff files dropped into my Freehand vector file.
My sketch. I did a few others but Nancy chose the one I knew was the best option. It was fun from start to finish.
More birds done the same week for Tuck Today. AD: Laura DeCapua, Tuck School of Business, Dartmouth College. The subject was the availability of online content for their foundation curriculum.
Here are some nice real birds that do not tweet. They quack and they do not know what tweeting is and they probably think you are really weird for even reading this far when it's such a nice day outside! I drew this pair of mallards this morning at the South Natick Dam. They are dabbling for bits of I-don't-know-what at the very top of the dam where the water flows down. It's a nice place. Come visit sometime.
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