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MAY 18, 2012
I've been thinking about weeds a lot this Spring. All winter as a matter of fact. Back in September, I dug up clods of dandelions, grass and plantain and kept them in my studio. One sunny autumn day, the dandelions blossomed and went to seed. And now with Spring all around us, I'm intoxicated by the greenness of it all. I love weeds. All this weed-love is part and parcel of the picture book I'm working on now for Schwartz & Wade*.
*a small aside: many thanks to Barry Blitt for playing matchmaker way back when!
draft 2 sketch. The art director is Rachael Cole.
sketchbook page (charcoal pencil, wash)
sketch study (conté pencil, watercolor)
graphite pencil study (Ticonderoga #2 people!)
Of course, it's IMPOSSIBLE to behold (and attempt to draw no less) this beautiful stuff without constantly having one shining example front and center:
This of course is "The Great Piece of Turf" an amazing watercolor study painted by Albrecht Dürer in 1503 in his Nuremberg atelier several years after his return from that little trip to Italy. The original painting is in the Albertina Museum in Vienna.
Have any of you been to the Albertina? Is it amazing? I'd love to go. And wander. And draw… like Dürer… for pleasure and for work. Same thing!
Getting back to the book project, I'm working on sample finishes this week. So far, the look is more like William Steig than Albrecht Dürer. I don't think Dürer needs to worry at all! But I love William Steig!
a quick little snapshot (media: watercolor, crayon, colored pencil, ink… a few other substances)