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Red & Black

JANUARY 18, 2013
Here are a couple of birds hanging out shooting the breeze: I made this doodle early last year. It was part of a couple of pages of two-color sketches of birds misbehaving. I was just keeping myself occupied while waiting in a bar for someone to arrive. I made more doodles and added the striped jerseys in blue and red.
In the weeks that followed, I became involved in a book proposal for a small French publisher and continued the two-color strategy in my sketches. The story I came up with was about a dog who wants to sing in the Paris Opera.
It's your basic "lost dog" picture book with split second timing and missed encounters.
The owner gets on the bus while the dog enjoys a peppy red taxi ride.
Eventually, the pooch makes it to the opera for his audition.
In this detail, the owner finally recognizes his dear pet as it sings an aria.
"Le Chien Perdu" was submitted and unfortunately languished (maybe a good thing?) but the bird doodles have found an enthusiastic response on this side of the pond. My agent, Elena Mechlin at Pippin Properties saw them and showed them to a publisher who had a picture book text about some birds and no illustrator yet. Pippin's a great matchmaker! So I'm currently working on research for this book (details below). I'm not sure when this book will be in the stores. The finals are due in April 2013!
Bonne journée!