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APRIL 3, 2015
this started out with a rubbing of a sanding disk I found in the street. The center is where the star is.
Recent personal work here (paintings: January to March 2015). All done in in black books early in the morning before the house wakes up --usually. I've also started using instagram to document some of this work in progress. Sometimes I blog a little about this sort of work here. Ad infinitum… ad nauseum! etc.
Finishing work can be a struggle; this is a Frankenstein monster with lots of layers of collage as I tried out different solutions. Usually, I end up with an intriguing landscape or castle scene. Then it's time to add some trees and figures or …something for the imagination to curl up close to. In this case, a scholar strolls in the university gardens while reading a book.
Just working directly is the BEST experience. No sketches. Just see what bubbles up.
An angle has a conversation with an extremist whose castle of the mind has become a prison.
a grumpy tiger (texture rubbing, latex, ink, watercolor)
Becalmed amid a sea of dragged inky brushstrokes
Spiders putting the finishing touches on a new web.
The last snowflake? (colored pencil, collage)
Not sure what's going on here. For sure, this is therapy: did the clown save the geese? Did he capture or steal the geese? What's he doing in this field on the outskirts of civilization… and so on.
Having a little quiet chat…
Power plant
baby monkeys playing in the jungle
Reminds me of the Sierra Nevada…
Finito! I hope you enjoyed my paintings.
Topical: sketchbooks