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Happy Birthday Lois Ehlert!

NOVEMBER 9, 2006
I never get tired of reading books illustrated by Lois Ehlert. Her use of colors and shapes is bold, unexpected and well-designed. No dead spots at all. Light falls on the printed page, extraneous messages are filtered out by her careful and audacious color choices and a resounding, affirming note is emitted to my eyes and mind.
In interviews, Ehlert talks about how to help children experience and make art their own. One of the most important things you can do is provide them with their own special spot where they can make art (or whatever) and leave the materials out. A little studio. In her case, it was a small card table. That's all. It can be that simple.

“… That's the thing right there - to keep the materials out. And it's not only for art but for writing and music. It's the same reason I have my sewing machine out. When you have an idea and you have to take time to gather your forces, you lose some of that creative energy. I haven't found any other way to liberate myself.”

--Reading Rockets interview with Lois Ehlert
Topical: artist birthdays