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A tyranny of sketchbooks

MARCH 27, 2006
"The Thinker" circa 1998
About ten years ago, my sketchbooks took over and became the focus of my creative life. It coincided with that other tyranny of creative life: very young children; but that's another story. Like alien spores germinating, I would find myself at 5:00 am (earlier nowadays), monk-like with a cup of coffee, slinking off to some quiet corner of the house. With a Bic pen I would write the date in a box in the upper left corner of the page…

• The stack of books is growing and…
• Paying work has exhibited troubling concerns of late…
What will become of me?

Stay tuned.
This was done yesterday. Simple but pretty much fun.
I picked up this old and resistant sketchbook. It's a spiral-bound deck of Canson colored papers (probably intended for scrapbookers). Anyway, I've been really resisting working in it and I'm trying to figure out why. I'll know soon.

Sometimes self-imposed "problems" need to cook a while before they yield to the familiar impulses that propel lines across a sheet of paper. I have to "soften" the prisoner up before he'll talk.
Topical: Just thinking