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Happy Birthday to Tintin

JANUARY 10, 2007
Tintin first appeared in print in Le Petit Vingtième on January 10, 1929. The first Tintin book was published in 1930 (Tintin, Reporter, in the Land of the Soviets). The Belgian boyscout reporter and his canine sidekick Snowy, starred in many globe-trotting adventures of espionage that frequently mirrored real-world events and places. A familiar cast of characters, good and evil, made the stories

Tintin was created by Georges Remí (alias "Hergé") who died in 1983. The well-researched and meticulously drawn panels have inspired a generation of artists, cartoonists, and graphic novelists.

This page stars the Thompson Twins, a pair of bumbling British detectives and Captain Haddock. Tintin's friend Haddock is a blustering sea captain with a foul tongue and a weakness for alcohol. The cigars were a gift of young Abdullah, a rascally Arab prince who frequently causes trouble. The Tintin books are full of many plot threads and that weave in and out of the books over time.
This cover illustration is one example of many of Hergé's terrific draftsmanship. In many respects, comic books such as Tintin offer a uniques and accessible form for exploring composition and the figure to tell stories in a cinematic way. Comic books are cinema.
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