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Happy Birthday Paul O. Zelinsky

FEBRUARY 14, 2007
cover illustration of "Rapunzel" in a very tight Northern Renaissance style. Zelinsky works in a number of styles and they are all recognizable as his work. It's worth some study.
Gosh, Paul O. Zelinsky is an impressive illustrator of children's books. Today's his birthday AND it's Valentine's Day. Not bad! My kids and I have loved his books since day one.
Paul O. Zelinsky's website

Paul O. Zelinsky grew up in Wilmette, IL which is next-door to Glenview where I spent a few formative years. That's about it for any personal connections to this wonderful children's book illustrator. Notice the precious awkwardness of Zelinsky's drawing and the fearlessness of his aproach to a text: every book is different (some more different than others) yet somehow they all fit together as having fallen from the same tree. We have worn out several versions of "The Wheels on The Bus". Most Excellent! Happy Birthday Paul O. Zelinsky, may you go from strength to strength!"
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