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APRIL 19, 2007
There was lots of time to sketch in the car ride; my wife likes to drive and we resorted to a portable dvd player for the girls. The juxtaposition of these signs seemed more than coincidental.
Chicago: Had a great and exhausting time saying "good bye" to ghosts real and imagined and "hello" to long lost siblings and a few old friends. Had one full day for sanctioned art experiences and can't recommend a trip to Chicago highly enough.  The city's had her ups and downs over the decades but right now she is poised as total world class and she knows it. Annoying but completely beguiling. Like those Chicago White Sox!  But I digress.
Karl Wirsum
An old friend I said "Hello" to was Karl Wirsum (well, I said hello to his paintings not him actually!). The Cultural Center on Michigan Ave. is hosting a retrospective that runs through April. It's totally fantastic.
I grew up seeing all the Chicago Imagist/Hairy Who work as a kid and I'd forgotten what in influence it is on me. Just stuffed somewhere in my DNA; it was in the water I drank as a kid.
Ohio stuff
scaredy cat head
target practice
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