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The Golden Chickie

DECEMBER 17, 2007
"eggs" for an article about incentives for savings and retirement.
Everyman chickie is very happy
Many thanks to PLANSPONSOR for this fun 1/2 page commission I was privileged to create last week. The AD was stern in her direction: "I'm okay with eggs and maybe squirrels and acorns but, NO PIGGYBANKS!" Well, duh?! That metaphor was drummed out of this illustrator's noggin a long time ago. So minor league! I did mess with the squirrel idea a little though as I've experienced some success with that particular metaphor.
Do you have any favorite animals that work for you AND your clients? We're not talking seeing eye dogs, Huskies, or various draft animals. They're working stiffs like us!
a few sketches
Just to throw folks off, I slipped in a squirrel.
The golden eggs. Yes!
FYI: no animals were harmed int he making of this illustration and I do believe it conveys something quite positive (but naturally impossible of course) that most fowl might find agreeable. This is a virtual chickie created completely with digital magic. The eggs, sadly, are virtual as well.
Topical: work