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Color Therapy

FEBRUARY 13, 2008
I've been hanging out at Colourlovers.com this morning and these are the palettes I saved as favorites. There's obviously a pattern: there's a warm, slightly toasted haze infiltrating the swatches and they all include some dominant but not too strident red. I could just stare at palettes all day. There's an addictive quality to it that I'm sure is well studied: the endorphin rush of color perceived. Some people probably see color before they see content or form. I believe that the web really has instigated a new way to experience color that wasn't available before.
What's tricky about this Colourlovers color is that it only exists through the glowing medium of my computer monitor. It doesn't have the same mesmerizing power when printed out or used as reference for a painting I'm embarking on. But those glowing colored bars are like gumdrops, chocolate, brandy, coffee, the interplay of woven colored threads: pure color at loose in the world.
In contrast to my color favorites today, the world outside my window looks somewhat like this:
from a photo of my favorite bit of nearby forest. Photoshop motion blur added.
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