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Snowboard Graphics

FEBRUARY 26, 2008
Salomon has run a competition for wild and crazy snowboard designs for the past couple of years. I've been meaning to enter some things and this year I actually got around to it. I've never liked the standard-issue graffiti style that permeates most sports that involve boards of one sort or another so… put up or shut up.

The designs come in pairs; art is printed on the top and base of the board. Actually my designs, quickie vector collage thingies, are influenced somewhat by a graffiti aesthetic of some sort. But you will note and sleep well tonight knowing that there are no oversized Fraktur typefaces, deer antlers or paint drips or Rat Fink imagery. (Actually, I like Rat Fink and Big Daddy Don Garlits!  Hmm… I have a few more days until the contest closes!)
The deadline is Feb. 29 if you're interested in entering something.
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