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Sketches - Finals 1

APRIL 17, 2008
The sketching phase of an assignment requires curiosity and discipline. Getting stuck is not an option. Being original yet using familiar signs and symbols is part of the game.
The transition from a sketch to a final illustration is where illustrators define  themselves. The sketch stage is all about seeking, questioning, analyzing, intuition and being open to the nuances of your own concepting process, the sometimes vague or misunderstood comments of the art director or editor, and nothing less than the history of the discipline of editorial illustration.

I am often impatient when I sketch. I have an idea and I know my sketch is an imperfect guide to the glorious finished art  I see in my mind. Often, the sketch bears little resemblance to the final. Depending on my mood, I will sketch in pencil, charcoal,  ink, digital or some combination. Old clients understand this but new clients? It's a knife's edge walk sometimes! Trust and patience and one's true colors get developed in the walk together to the final deadline.
the finish (digital)
The opening full-page illustration (the sketch: pencil, marker, digital paint. The final: vector) Later, it was decided that I would do the title type.
The final is the result of all the external and internal back and forth conversations.
This full page illustration is about somebody's campfire getting out of control. (pencil, digital paint). The final is all vector with a few added bitmaps.
The final: I like this one because it's just straight comic effect, light and color. Much more direct than other more conceptual work. Toasty and soft in the middle -just like this guy's marshmallow!
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