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Under the influence

FEBRUARY 10, 2009
Mr. Tern and Mrs. Owl on a late night errand to get special ingredients for a cake they are making.
I told a friend this morning that I had stumbled into a "delirious detour" from the work represented in my previous post ("January"). This "detour" is a story that is gradually accumulating as I explore the misadventures of a pair of birds: Mrs. Owl and Mr. Tern.
Somehow, I believe the names were suggested by Adam McCauley in a facebook comment a couple of weeks ago. There have been a few other secret ingredients that propell the series but I just wanted to show it, in it's nascent form, to my colleagues and the wider world. Enjoy.
The cake they made but the bow is missing from the top. Where could it be?
Oh, there it is. Mrs. Owl has used it for a nest. I hope Aretha Franklin isn't mad!
While he stands guard, Mr. Tern listen to the stars which sing to him.
A nice small storm overtakes Mr. Tern in his little boat.
Later on, the pair were joined by a third. The bear was an old acquaintance and Mr. Tern spoke in animated terms about the positive qualities of the creature. Mrs. Owl appreciated the bear's soft fur and countenance but was worried that if he became playful, the boat might capsize.
Once on land, at an island they all agreed was worthy of exploration, they made quick progress in their survey of the island's riches. After a picnic, the bear ambled away and could be seen contentedly snoozing in the shade attended by a few irritated honey bees.
Gradually, a pleasant solitude overtook Mr. Tern and Mrs. Owl and they talked then and hardly noticed that the sun had set.
Mr. Tern flew for a long time in an attempt to measure the girth of the fantastic tree. Tiring inevitably, he folded his wings and tumbled to safety in an uncertain yet somehow welcoming place.
And one last dramatic image (there are more on flickr):
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