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Not Valentines Day

FEBRUARY 10, 2009
the final (digital)
This was for a piece that ran in the New York Times last weekend. It was  for an essay by a man marvelling at how the woman he's been married to for decades and raised a family with, really have very little in common. Except that they happen to be happily married. What a concept! Here are some sketches and the final. Thanks to AD Richard Weigand and his team for insightful and relaxed art direction!
sketch 2 (pencil or pen)
I sent in about ten sketches (including a few variations). I was only asked to not emphasize the potential Valentine's Day angle to the article.
sketch 3a (pencil, ink)
sketch 4 (the one they chose)
sketch 5 (a fishing expedition). I included it because there were some good ideas in it that might have sparked discussion.
sketch 7 (cardboard collage, pen): just trying to stay loose and let the ideas flow. That's the hardest part of this job kids.
Topical: Editorial  work