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Musical Animals

JULY 28, 2006
Bugs, bugs, and more bugs playing some strange form of music that incorporates the winsome melodies of the bagpipes, triangle, saxophone, clarinet, guitar, drums, violin, rattles, congas, and kazoos. Top that Elwood!
Did I hear someone say "musical animals"?
I just finished this insane little pastry for a First Grade reader from Harcourt. The design studio is Debra McCloskey in Seattle. This was created in Freehand MX.
a fly playing the drums …of course he's too loud!
Kazoo playing inchworms, …uh-huh!
The Praying Mantis religiously sawing away.
These kind of pictures are a blast to do. Just fun, wacky stuff and nothing too deep: just a love of nature, gentle humor, color, light and composition. Good stuff for 6-7 year olds.

Adam: can't wait to see your contribution to the genre!
Edel: The dewdrops, the dewdrops rule! Man you haven't lived until you've painted a spider playing the bagpipes. What'd they teach you in school anyway Mr. Fancypants-Cover -of-Time-Magazine?! … ;-)
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