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Štěpán Zavřel

OCTOBER 29, 2009
Lately, thanks to Puño, I've learned about Štěpán Zavřel. Here are some pics of his work.
There's a big children's book art festival in Sàrmede, Italy (about 60 km North of Venzia) that is kind of dedicated to Štěpán Zavřel. There are some galleries here.

Thanks Puño!

I had to search far and wide for these in the local library network.
spread from "The Bridge Across" about two warring families who become united because of and despite their discord.
from "The Bridge Across"
eventually, a wonderful bridge gets built.
I love the intricate and cozy watercolor technique. It's like stained glass.

This amazing spread is from "The Magic Fish". The story is about a fish that swims out of a painting, down the pipes to the ocean where he helps the little fish get away from the big scary fish.
exquisite spininess!
Evil foiled!
The fish goes back to the city and everyone is happy.
These city scenes are what prompted Puño to tell me about Zavrel. Here are a few more architctural scenes from "The Followed the Star" about the Christian Nativity.

Looks a bit like Paris…!
An angel visits the King while he sleeps.
Here come the Wise Men.