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Happy Birthday Caspar David Friedrich!

Der Wanderer über dem Nebelmeer (1817-1818)
Today is the birthday of Caspar David Friedrich. He was born in  Sweden (later Germany) in 1774. He would easily be classified as a Romantic painter.
Caspar David Friedrich should be better known. Perhaps he is as several signature painting are widely reproduced. I get shivers when I view many of his works and they have a way of sticking in my memory.

Maybe it's my predisposition to benign melancholy that attracts me to the Romantic gloom and frigid winter clarity of his pensive views. A lingering, a malingering, a grimness that seeks solace in high windy places and deep verdant hollows that give way to rock and ice. Clarity such as we are ever capable of achieving.

Can we illustrators and artists bring this fact of human personality, this fact of human existence into our sunniest and well-paid works. We can only hope!
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