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Red Sox 3 - Tampa Bay 1

AUGUST 28, 2010
Tired of bad analog television service in the new Digital Wonderland™ (we were warned by Harry Shearer), we finally ordered cable TV this summer. All this means, besides the fact that I have no excuse (except lack of time and interest) to be more up to date on the value of the Shopping Channels or even Mad Men, I can now coccoon and watch my home team on TV. And that means art playtime because, face it, baseball represents a serious time committment with many commercial breaks. And these moments are perfect interludes to doodle nonsense.
Without further ado…

If you're disappointed by the lack of baseball content, I apologize.
However, do not despair! Several years ago, I put my baseball watching moments to good use with a different series of 100 drawings called "Homerun Heroes". They're in a different style but I still like them a lot and I hope you do too :-)
If you're very interested, I can send you a beautiful two-color catalog of these pictures.