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Javier Zabala

MARCH 6, 2011
Javier Zabala sketchbook exhibit

Cristiana Clerici has conducted and absolutely WONDERFUL interview with the fabulous Spanish illustrator JAVIER ZABALA. Read it here.
reblogged from Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast.
sketches for "Hamlet"

Javier Zabala was born in León, Spain in 1962. He has illustrated over 70 books of poetry and fiction for children.

"During his brilliant career as an illustrator, Javier has undertaken undoubtedly complex works: from the illustrations of Don Quixote, to those for Santiago by García Lorca (for whom he obtained the Mention of Honour at the Bologna Book Fair), to the illustration of Shakespeare’s Hamlet for adults. Amongst others, he has illustrated stories by Melville and Rodari. Let’s say he’s made sure to cover almost all possible experiences! He probably doesn’t have much hesitation when it’s time to take up new challenges; this is an attitude I personally appreciate very much, because it’s symptomatic of a strong will to keep evolving, researching, and studying, something a professional, in my humble opinion, should never abandon. Though united by a thread that resides in his sensitivity, his vision of the world, and in the ability with which he gets to transfer those into images, adapting the language according to the audience he’s addressing, all his books are different."
— from the interview, text © 2011 Cristiana Clerici